IP provisionning


OpenStack permits to provision IP addresses (port) via neutron. This is typically used to for VM hosting IT services.

IP provisionning  can be done using the OpenStack client (CLI) as follows:

user@cli# openstack port create my_ip --network public

If you wish to provision a specific IP, please use the following:

user@cli# openstack port create my_ip --network public --fixed-ip ip-address=

The following command uses the provisionned IP address to launch an instance (where id_port is the created port identifier):

user@cli# openstack server create —image id_image —nic port-id=my_ip —flavor m1.small image_name

Attention: the  « –v4-fixed-ip » option is discouraged. This option does not provision IP address permanentle.

The « Use IP address » article describes how to use IP for an already created instance.